Jerusalem to Whanganui

The nuns can’t have wifi as I have only just heard from them (they are in Upokongaro having breakfast).

Geoff said the ride from Whakahoro was hard.  Lots of mud and rain- but lovely scenery.  When they arrived in Jerusalem there was a power cut.  Then the armed defenders squad arrived.  About 4 cop cars full of cops.  The nuns told them off and said there were cyclists down there having showers and they need soap and asked the cops to take soap down to them!!!

They cranked up the wood stove and cooked rice risotto on the stove, then followed by stewed apples (from the orchard) for pudding.  Spent the night with out power – Lucky they got hot showers, the cyclists that arrive after them didn’t.

Apparently the ride from Taumaranui to the Blue Duck lodge in Whakahoro the day before was a hard ride and the dinner they had booked was not much to write home about.   There are now some saddle sores so they are heading to a chemist in Whanganui.

Seem to be in great spirits – I could hear lots of laughter in the back ground.  Well they have knocked off that gentle annie hill and its not far into Whanganui.

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