Piriporo to Whakahoro

They must have left early because at 10.18am I got a message saying “At Ongarue having snack before heading to Taumaranui.”  Well when we did the Timber trail, I took a day to do those 40kms!

Jill’s mum and dad who live in Taumaranui met them in Ongarue and said ” the guys are looking great, spirits are high, we wish them a safe journey”

They were in Taumaranui for lunch then at 1.13pm they were leaving for Whakahoro.  What a huge day – I think they got into Whakahoro at about 8pm.

No reception there, so no contact.  Mike is about a day ahead and said that “the climb out of Whakahoro was a mission”.  I’ve just looked on the tracker and Geoff’s going 4.23 kms/hour.  He’s at 279 metres and the hill is 618.6 metres.  Then it’s predominately down hill to the bridge to nowhere and the jet boat.

But he has gone 978kms so far.  Nearly a third of the way!!!!!

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