To Bluff

Ive just finished my Otago Rail Trail and arrived in Middlemarch and am watching Mikes and Geoff’s names only a few ks from Bluff.

Behind Mike Kellys name is Geoff’s name!!!

They ate nearly there!!

Walters Peak to Mossburn

Top effort Jeremy, you did an amazing ride into Mossburn yesterday. Mike and I had far better weather but still found it a hard days riding. Look forward to catching up when we get back.

Jeremy gets to Bluff

Thanks guys, yep I finished my unofficial TA today, shed quite a few tears at the end – I think most of you know that means I gave it my all. Still hasn’t sunk in yet, but looking forward to getting home tomorrow afternoon….lots of stories to tell. Many thanks to Diane for meeting me at bluff and transporting me back to invercargill…..made things much simpler. All the best to Geoff, Mike, Jim still finishing the full TA, well done guys. Keep well cheers j

Wanaka to Queenstown today

Over the crown range this morning. Then met up with Denis and Lynne in Arrowtown. Denis’s message was

Just had coffee with Mike and Geoff in Arrowtown b4 they headed to Queenstown. They’re happy and fresh as a daisy. Mike even said he didn’t want to stop riding … Diane he may even ride back home. A big congrats to Paul Miles Graeme and Kerry for completing without too many mishaps.

Just talked to Geoff. He and Mike are in Queenstown about to get the boat. And planing to camp tonight. Only rain they had today was Wanaka to Cardrona then clear after that. Booked into a place in Mossborn tomorrow night. Then down to Bluff the next day!!

Greymouth to Ross

Greymouth to Hokitiki was the plan but he decided to push on another 30 ks and is now in a wee place called Ross. Riding in the rain all day. You just put your head down and ride. He is a bit sick of all the rain.

This is also called the Wilderness trail and it is really beautiful. Stunning trail, one he thought I would really enjoy, easier than the Timber trial and stunning scenery. (Even in the rain)

Here are some shots

West Coast Wilderness Trail just before Cowboy Paradise

Lunch at Cowboy Paradise

Lots of rain at Hokatika

Beautiful riding on West Coast Wilderness Trail, pushed on to Ross with Mike and rewarded with awesome buffet at the pub – whitbait fritters