Cyclone Gita

Just saw this on the TA Facebook page.

“Bugger, don’t believe this, been sitting waiting patiently for my wave to start, all set to head for Nelson on Thursday, flight to Auckland on Saturday. My town has just been evacuated and Takaka Hill is closed. I’m stuck, can’t get out. Gonna miss flight, hotel in Auckland booked, bus to Kaitaia booked, Waitiki landing accommodation booked. I’m buggered, anyone out there got a tardis……”

There’s been lots of offers for help – Flights from Adventure Flights Golden Bay, ┬áplaces for him to stay if he gets up to Auckland.

And here’s another one:

“Oh bugger. I’m stuck in Cheviot, Kaikoura road is closed. Locals reckon it won’t open till Thursday. Was supposed to be on the train today from Wellington to Palmy. Just gonna cross fingers I make it to Cape Reinga by Sunday night!”

Wow I hope they get out and can start on their TA journey.

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