Jeremey and Jo’s posts

Stunning ride over maruia saddle today through lovely beech forest, and the most amazing downhill approx 36km to reefton

Check out this little fellow, a robin I think?

Message from Jo who is a few days ahead

Happy birthday Paul.  Hope you had a great days riding yesterday and celebrated in Harihari- noted it had a pub, excellent cafe and an RSA for you to choose from.🍺

Found the 3 saddles from Franz Josef to Fox very tough, the climbing is okay if you pace yourself but it’s more the rain,  the washouts, drop offs, bridges,narrow roads with minimal shoulder in places, international drivers and heavy traffic that makes it difficult.  You also need to keep warm on the long descents, I found it the most challenging section in the route so far.  It is between two glaciers I guess! Did you know that it’s Chinese New Year at the moment ?and apparently with Kaikoura closed  the roads here are the busiest ever. Be safe.  Here’s some pics,  including native Rata up at cowboy paradise, two cheeky wekas along the lake Kaniere water race track,  Lake Kaniere (stunning ,and the sandflies agree) two cheeky Weka and the Hokitika clock tower in the rain ☔



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