Thames to Arapuni

Poor Paul has gut issues and decided to stay in Thames to relax and go to the doc.  So Miles, Jeremy and Geoff set off at 7.30 and made it to Arapuni at 5.50pm.  Long day again.  Geoff said his legs are quite sore – probably after yesterday’s big effort.  They stopped in Te Aroha for lunch.  He said the Hauraki trail was quite boring, but the Waikato river trail was really lovely.   Not really big hills today, just a long ride.

Thursday in Arapuni at the bowling club is burger night, so they had great burgers for dinner.  Staying at the back packers, which just has 2 rooms (a room of 2 bunks and a room with a double bed).  Plan tomorrow is to ride 56ks to Mangakino – apparently really hilly and places that have to be walked.  Then they are thinking of having a day off so Paul and Jim (who’s in Paeroa) will catch up.

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