Some comments from Miles

Quite a trip for Paul so far – Delhi belly, shunted off the road into a ditch by a moronic driver – sprained ankle and 2 x bee stings today

Paul has had a rough couple of days but his lip is causing great amusment and of course sympathy from me !
A couple of days ago we decided to ramp up the distances a tad and I’ve loved the extra challenge.
Paul arrives ahead of me but it’s very special riding alone at your own pace alone with your thoughts, stopping where you want and in your personal “zone”
Tomorrow we do Big River providing the weather is ok.
It’s really interesting how the body and mind copes with long hilly days and constant tiredness.
There is a huge amount of good will and camaraderie within the tour riders group.
Every one is spilling their gutz but the courage and endurance of some folk is staggering.
Paull – despite my best efforts, the bike has performed faultlessly.
The maxis crossmarks have been the ticket – many thanks.
We are all missing our Whahine and whanau and their encouragment and support is what spurs us on.
All the very best to all, Miles

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