Hunterville to Palmy

A 156 kilometre day and it took 11 hours (including stops) and about 40% was on gravel.  They had rain and head winds and it has got a lot colder.

At one point they thought they would take shelter at a barn, but it turned out to have 2 artists living in it and they took them in and made them coffee.

They went through Opaki and wanting lunch there was nothing open at all.  They only had 3 tins of tuna between all of them.  Jeremy rang a place and they said they are closed for a function.  But they said if you come by they can give them something.  So they turned up and were brought out some wedges which they devoured.

Geoff and Miles went off to the supermarket in Palmy to get dinner supplies.  I think it was a a steak dinner.

Two shots.  On the way to Ashhurst, and More fruit tree raiding after Hunterville.

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