Jo sends in a message and photos

What a adventure this is! expect the unexpected. I’ve been 99 % riding solo but meeting loads of people along the way. Sitting in bed in Featherston listening to the torrential rain and glad I’m not camping. Some memorable days were joining a group of hunters at the blue duck lodge last Saturday night & being treated to fresh trout from the whanganui river, venison, pork and beer 🍺, following a wild boar up the river road from pipiriki – hope pic is clear. Narrowly missing a kamakazee sheep out of apiti, being chased by 3 dogs and the last one was going to have me on an uphill section so I turned around and chased him instead- luckily he skulked off. Have been staying in in a few dingy hotels including Eketahuna and Featherston- perfectly fine- tea coffee, BATH food and 🥂 and nice friendly staff.had moments when I was awestruck by the scenery and moments when I hated it- 50 km headwinds for hours yesterday on highways. Have learned; less is more, you have to carry everything,laden bikes are a hassle on the trails, eat real food ( I’m doing a nationwide smoothie survey) , talk to people- local advice is priceless, take care in the dangerous sections- there’s no prizes for getting to Bluff early, clean and lube your chain religiously,Take pictures and here’s a few… hope all of you the guys are having an awesome time as well

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