Comments from Jeremy and Miles

We were under police armed guard at the Jerusalem convent last night, a police armed offenders squad callout in the grounds. Nearly shat myself when maintaining my bike outside and heard 3 loud gunshots nearby. Needless to say I hoofed it inside. Oh and did you hear the storm yesterday afternoon took out tree and power lines, so we cranked up the log fire to cook our tea….all very romantic by candlelight. This really is the tour that keeps giving. Cheers j

Team – many thanks for your communications – we look forward to hearing from you each day. We had no coverage for a couple of days.
Been an amazing adventure so far but jolly hard yakka at times.
Malc – your 20 days is incredible and Jo and Mike are going a hurricane.
Great Paul is ok now.
We have met the most lovely people and will meet tons more.
All the best to all.

And a shot of Miles bike titled “Mud”

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