Day 2 and 3

A few issues have come to light.  Geoff left his phone pocket unzipped, it filled with water and – good bye phone.  No longer working.  That was on day 1.  So I have acquired a new phone and spent ages getting it all set up.

Now his rear saddle bag is failing.  Not able to handle the weight he has in it.  So a new saddle bag is needed.  Ordered it from Wallis cycles and when Gill sees them in Clevedon she will take the new phone and will collect the saddle bag and deliver that too.  That only took a paragraph to write but it took more than a day to organise.

They stayed near Tane Mahuta on night 2.  Up early I think due to mosquitos and snoring issues.  Not much sleep was had so they headed off early.  Arrived in Pouto early afternoon so time for a swim and chill out.  Geoff said the last 50ks was gruelling.  New gravel and the going was tough.   On the ferry at 6pm.  Have just heard the ferry has broken down and the coast guard called.  It could be a long evening.


Here’s a shot at Pouto waiting for the ferry

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