Day 1 – the Cape to Ahipara

Up at 5, breakfast and then pack up and off we left for the cape.  Arriving at the cape as the sun was starting to rise.  Very misty and slight rain which turned in to heavy rain with in the next hour.  Jill had organised a Maori leader to do a blessing for the riders.  We walked down to the light house for the photos which they have to up load, then back up again.  Lovely views over the Tasman sea and the Pacific ocean.  A really special place.  Then at about 8am the riders started to head off.  Pouring torrential rain!!  What a way to start.  About 20 ks on the road then they turned towards the beach and rode down the Te Paki stream (which was very flooded and virtually impossible to ride over)  then onto the beach.   As I visited my cousin I watched on the tracker site and saw their names crawling down 90 mile beach.  What a huge effort.  6 and a half hours from the cape to Ahipara.  Lots of washing of bikes and drying out gear!!

Well they are on their way!!

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